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Supporting information

Gravel roads

Due to wear and tear from traffic and rain, gravel roads require regular maintenance to smooth and secure the surface. This process is called grading.

We work to a regular program and grade each road one, two or four times a year, depending on how busy the road is.

If a report is received about extensive damage to a gravel road, we may grade the road earlier than the scheduled program.

Air pollution

Air pollution, including dust from commercial premises and work sites, suspicious odours and other forms of pollution, can be reported to Council for investigation.

For after hours or emergency incidents, please contact the EPA Pollution hotline on 131 555.

Learn more about air quality in your City

Illegal dumping

Council is working to prevent the City's bushland, beaches and lake from becoming a dumping ground.

Illegal dumping involves waste that is transported and dumped using a motor vehicle or has likely involved the use of a motor vehicle to get to the location. It can occur on both private and public land, and generally involves waste or a reasonable size, in other words, more than a couple of bags.

If you see someone illegally dumping rubbish, we encourage you to report the incident directly to RID Online.

For other littering incidents we encourage you to report to Council, with the following details:

  • date, time and location of incident
  • description of rubbish i.e. type of rubbish, size of rubbish

 Abandoned shopping trolleys

You can report lost, stolen or abandoned shopping trolleys directly to the collector services by using the following contacts:

Woolworths and Big W trolleys  Call 1800 641 497 or go to 
Coles, Kmart and Target Trolleys Call 1800 876 533 or go to
Aldi trolleys Call 13 25 34
Bunnings trolleys Call 1300 554 777


Graffiti is an act of marking or defacing property without permission. It's prevention and removal is costly.

It is important to report graffiti as soon as possible, as its easier to remove it in the first 24 hours from when it occurs. Removing graffiti in the first 24 hours also minimises the chance of it reappearing.

You can report graffiti on any property by contacting the NSW Graffiti Hotline on 1800 707 125. This is a free call, with the hotline operating from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If you see graffiti on Council property, we encourage you to contact Council on 4921 0333, so we can quickly remove it. Council properties include:

  • Council buildings
  • park and playgrounds equipment and facilities
  • sporting facilities

Graffiti Hotspot Program

The Graffiti Hotspot programs allows Council to work with community partners that help us remove graffiti from private property, commercial premises and public utilities. For more information about the Graffiti Hotspot program, contact us on 4921 0333.

Illegal parking

Council rangers patrol our city roads for illegal parking and will fine any person who parks illegally.

It is illegal to park:

  • where there are 'No Parking' or 'No Stopping' signs
  • after a time limitation has expired or if it is outside the time restrictions of a clearway on public reserves
  • across driveways
  • on nature strips
  • where authorised signage indicates any other parking restriction

The parking of heavy vehicles (vehicles that have a gross vehicle mass of more than 4.5 tonnes or exceed 7.5m in overall length) are not permitted to park in any residential street for any period over an hour.

If you have received a parking fine and would like more information, please contact us on 4921 0333.

What can you do about neighbourhood noise

Noise from alarms, machines, air conditioners, power tools and other sources can create a nuisance and may affect the enjoyment of your neighbourhood.

In the first instance, approaching the person making the noise may solve the problem amicably. Often people are unaware of their activities are negatively affecting others.

Contact the Community Justice Centre who may be able to assist in mediating and solving noise nuisance problems.

If the noise is a constant problem, you can apply for a Noise Abatement Order from the local court.

Should you require any further information, please contact us on 4921 0333.

Nuisance dogs and cats

If the noise is from a nuisance dog or cat, please visit our Pet Laws page for information about the steps to follow to resolve noise issues

Reporting fraud and corruption

If you have any concerns regarding fraud or corrupt conduct at Council, we encourage you to report this matter to Council using the form below.

You can also make a report in writing, in person or confidentially over the phone by calling 4921 0333.

To enable us to thoroughly investigate and minimise the risk of fraud and corruption, we ask you to report it as soon as possible and with as much detail as possible.

While reports can be made anonymously, we prefer that you provide your name and contact details to allow you to be contacted at a later stage if the investigator requires clarification or further information.

Corrupt conduct is not tolerated at Council and these matters are investigated with the upmost integrity and importance.

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